Twin Cities Homeschool Band FAQs

Does my child need lessons before signing up for the Twin Cities Homeschool Band?
No! In this program, you child is taught the basics of an instrument and placed in the Beginning Band.  They may progress through an incremental learning program at their own pace to the most advanced levels.

Are there opportunities for advanced students if they have taken lessons elsewhere?
Yes! A student may enter the program at any musical level and will be placed according to their ability as determined by the band director.

Do you provide instruments?
No. There are many music stores that offer rental programs or a trial period.  Please refer to the Instrument Rental section of this website for a list of available instrument options.

What if my child does not know what instrument he/she wants to learn?
Our band director can help. You can send us an email on the “Contact” tab and we will be happy to get you in contact with the band director.

Do you teach violin as well?
Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to provide orchestral string opportunities at this time.

When is band and lessons?
All bands and lessons take place every Thursday from September through May. Please see the “Calendar” tab for information on no-band days, concerts, etc.

Where does band and lessons take place?
Lessons and rehearsals are held at Bethlehem Baptist Church – North Campus.  The address is 5151 Program Avenue, Mounds View, MN 55112.

What are the tuition and fees?
Please refer to the Tuition and Fees page on this website.

What books will my child need? 
Please refer to the “Lesson Books” tab on this website. If you are unsure what level your child is at, please contact us and we will be happy to get you in touch with the band director.

What band opportunities do you provide? 
Please refer to the “Our Bands” tab on this website.

Can my student play multiple instruments? 
Yes! Many of our students play several instruments. However, if your child wants a group lesson for multiple instruments, he/she must pay the monthly tuition for each instrument associated with a group lesson. You must also register your child for the second instrument.

(Example #1: A student plays percussion in Concert Band and the trumpet in the Symphonic band and has a group lesson for both instruments = that student pays tuition for two instruments each month)

(Example #2: A student plays the flute in the beginning band and the alto saxophone in the concert band, but only has a group lesson with the flute = that student pays tuition for one instrument)

Can my child be in more than one band?
Yes! He/She can be in as many bands/ensembles as they would like – as long as they meet the requirements to participate in each band and has the approval of the band director.

Does it cost more to be in more than one band? 
No! The amount of bands/ensembles a student participates in does not affect the tuition amount.

Why can’t I access the “Members” page?
This tab is for registered band members only.  It provides information regarding lesson times, level sheets and practice records, contact information, and updates from our band director.  Once registered, you will be provided a password.