About Us

Meet our new Band Director

Neil Baumgartner III holds a bachelor of Music Education from Northwestern College (now The University of Northwestern – St. Paul). Since graduating in 2010, he has been a band and orchestra teacher in public schools, private schools, and for homeschool groups.

Neil began his career teaching in the St. Paul school district, and moved from there to teaching at private schools. In addition to the Twin Cities Homeschool Band, he teaches with Encore Ensembles at a number of private and homeschool locations around the Twin Cities, and also maintains a private lesson studio teaching trumpet and other brass instruments.

Neil is an active trumpet player in the Twin Cities, performing regularly with the Century Brass, the Century College Chamber Orchestra, and the Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble, where he is on the board of directors. He also performs for church services and as a substitute player with various orchestras and bands.

Neil believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to play and hear great music. He is passionate about seeing his students learn, grow, and experience excellent music.

What Our Band Offers…

  • Beginning Band: For students with no previous band experience (grades 4-12). Each weekly rehearsal is one half-hour long, with an additional half-hour group lesson. Beginners typically start with group lessons only for the first few weeks. At the beginning of October, Beginning Band practices for the first time as a complete group. Beginning band meets Thursday morning.
  • Concert Band: For students who have played their instruments for at least one year. Each weekly rehearsal is one half-hour long, with an additional half-hour group lesson. Concert Band meets Thursday mid-morning to mid-afternoon.
  • Jazz Band: For students who have completed Essential Elements Book 2 and above. This group includes Symphonic and Concert Band members. The Jazz Band rehearses one half-hour every other week. Jazz Band meets Thursday mid-afternoon.
  • Symphonic Band: For experienced band students, by audition (for chair placement). Symphonic Band rehearsal is one hour each week.  Symphonic Band meets Thursday afternoon.
  • Ensembles: For Symphonic Band members only. We have a Flute Ensemble, Brass Ensemble, Woodwind (clarinet/saxophone) Ensemble, and a Percussion Ensemble. The Ensembles rehearse one half-hour every other week. Ensembles meet Thursday mid-afternoon.
  • High School Band: For Symphonic Band members in grades 9-12. Each weekly rehearsal is one half-hour long. High School Band meets Thursday late afternoon.